Professional Exterior Painting Contractors

It’s no secret that a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to your home’s curb appeal. Choosing the right exterior painting contractor is crucial to making sure you end up with a quality paint job.

Job site preparation includes:

Prevent Moisture Penetration By Filling Nail Holes, Fixing Cracks, and Caulking Areas

Apply Caulking to Seal Joints & Preserve Wood

Protecting of Windows & Other Exterior Home Features

Replace Rotten/Damaged/Warped Siding Upon Your Request

Prepare Siding, Corner Boards, & Trim-work

Prepare with a coat of primer

Exterior Home Painting by Liberty Painting

The right exterior residential painting job requires more than just slapping a coat of paint onto the outside of your home. You’ll want to get an idea of what colors to use, not only for the exterior walls but also for the trim. The trim color complements the entire paint job, and the best professional exterior home painting contractor will ensure that the main color and trim color go together well to deliver a balanced, eye-catching final product.

Not only is the type and color of paint important to the job, but so is the expertise of the painting professional. When you work with an exterior painting contractor with the right combination of expertise and knowledge, you’ll get reliable, attractive results. That’s what our Houston painting contractors at Liberty Painting offer with each and every paint job we perform.

With our upfront pricing with no hidden fees, and a dependable crew that’s always there on time, we aim to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We even offer a 2-year Happiness Guarantee to give the peace of mind you deserve.

Painting Services

Prep work

Before any paint job, we must prep the home to fix any cracks & holes and to wash off any dirt.

Why Us?

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, our talented painters, and our customer oriented approach.

Why Paint Your Home

Not only does a new fresh coat of paint make your home look beautiful, it also protects your home from the outside elements.

Exterior Painting FAQs:

Most people realize that top-notch exterior home painting helps improve the look of your home, but the benefits don’t stop there. A fresh coat of paint will improve the value of your home. Some real estate companies claim that increase in value can even exceed the cost of the painting in some cases – creating an outstanding Return on Investment (ROI). Repainting a home can also lead to improved curb appeal and more competitive purchase offers.

A professional paint job with high-quality paint protects the home’s exterior from the elements. This means that the exterior of your home will be in great shape for a lot longer than homes that aren’t regularly repainted. In Houston, the humidity and frequency of tropical storms makes short work of degrading your home’s exterior paint.

Most experts recommend a new paint job for your home’s exterior every 10 years, although many homes will need it more frequently depending on the region’s climate and weather. Going too long without painting your home’s exterior can lead to fading, peeling, and cracking of the existing paint, which can actually ruin the wood or siding on your home.

This type of damage can be very expensive to repair, but the right exterior painting contractor can repaint your home so that this doesn’t happen. Ultimately, the frequency at which you should repaint your home’s exterior will depend on how harsh the weather is where you live. In Houston, the excess humidity can quickly degrade the paint on your home, so we recommend repainting the exterior every 7-10 years.

Many homeowners wonder if they can paint their home’s exterior themselves, and while this is possible, it is never recommended.

An experienced exterior painting contractor knows that painting a home’s exterior can be more complex and time-consuming than painting its interior. It requires extensive prep work, the right type of paint, and a delicate application. It’s usually a very strenuous job as well. For these reasons, it’s best to leave an exterior residential painting job to the professionals.

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