Professional Interior Painting Contractors

Have you ever started a “small” home project only to have it become much more difficult and take much more time than you expected? That’s a typical outcome of trying to DIY an interior paint job.

Because your home’s interior is unique, painting it requires a level of precision that can be hard to come by while still maintaining your budget. Thanks to Liberty Painting, finding a reliable interior painting contractor is easy and affordable. We offer perks not found at many other painting companies, including upfront pricing, fast turnaround times, punctual crews, and thorough prep work and cleanup.

Our Process:

Inspection: We inspect your walls, cabinets, stairs, fireplace, and any surface in need of painting

Color Selection: We discuss color options with you, helping you select the best hues to reflect your style

Surface Prep: We sand surfaces, fill holes, correct minor flaws, and apply primer if needed

Painting: We apply paint in your chosen color and finish using even strokes and professional technique

Cleanup: We ensure paint and supplies are put away and your space is neat and tidy before we leave

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Interior Home Painting by Liberty Painting

At Liberty Painting, you get high-quality painting services from professional interior painting contractors who show up on time, provide consistent communication from start to finish, and always give honest, upfront pricing with no hidden fees.

Our professional contractors can help you find the perfect color and finish for your home’s interior while staying within your project’s budget and timeframe. For single room projects to full interior transformations, trust our qualified team of experienced painters to turn your dream into a reality.

We consider our relationship with each customer to be the most important aspect of our services, so if you’re looking for the best and most reliable interior home painting services in the Houston area, congratulations—your search is over!

Painting Services

A professional makes repairs to an interior wall before painting
Thorough Prep

We provide meticulous work for quality results. This includes all inspection, priming, sanding, and other aspects of prep work as necessary before starting your project.

A color consultation between three people in progress
Clear Communication

Our team will remain in communication with you throughout the whole project. You get ongoing expert advice and creative control from color selection to project completion.

a unique striped apartment interior
Unique Interior

We’ll expertly tailor your project to suit your home and your preferences for a result that’s a true reflection of your unique style.

Interior Painting FAQs:

Why Should I Paint My Home’s Interior?

Interior home painting should be done regularly because it keeps the interior of your home looking fresh, and it can increase your home’s value, protect your walls from moisture, wear, and tear, and even improve your mood. It can also improve your indoor air quality since regular paint jobs prevent trapped dirt and dust from entering the air.

Regular interior home painting also allows you to change the color and therefore the decor of your home. For a bigger-looking room, you can switch to light, bright colors. Easily choose and match furniture based on your preferred paint color and finish. A quality interior residential painting job performed by the pros always looks extraordinary in the end.

How Often Should I Paint My Home’s Interior?

Most home interiors require regular painting—usually every 3-5 years—to maintain the color vibrancy and protect your walls. Houses in more humid regions may require painting more frequently. When you use us as your interior painting contractors, you’ll get quality results that last.

Our experts will give you a personal consultation during which we will look at the surfaces in your home to see what could benefit from being repainted. Some aspects, such as cabinet refinishing and drywall repair, may not be obvious to you but will be caught by an expert’s eye; these options for interior home painting can be great ways to update the look of your home.

What Surfaces Can I Paint in My Home’s Interior?

Of course, when you hire the right experts for your next interior residential painting job, you can get much more than just the walls painted. You can also get a great paint job for your cabinets, doors, ceilings, and every room in your home, including your kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. In addition, we’ll paint the fixtures and the trim that goes along with them so that the main color and trim color complement one another perfectly once the work is complete.

If you have a garage, we can paint the walls, floors, and even the ceilings so that it looks great and presents you with the right ambiance that helps encourage you to spend more time there. Our experienced interior painting contractors can help you choose the right colors for any part of your home.

Drywall can be repaired ahead of repainting, and we can take care of small damages to prepare your space for a makeover. During our inspection, we can determine these options as part of your project.

What Do I Need to Do Before You Come?

Our team will be there to help you, and you’ll have clear communication through the whole interior residential painting process with clear steps based on your unique home’s layout and needs. For instance, if you have a delicate or heirloom piece of furniture, it may be better for you to handle that before our painting crew arrives. In general, though, we protect and cover aspects of your rooms such as furniture and floors.

How Do I Pick an Interior Color?

We’ll work with you to find the right color for your interior home painting project. If you want a repaint or refresh on an existing color but you don’t know the exact paint code, don’t worry! Our experts will be able to match the shade perfectly using either a wet sample or a paint chip. They’ll take care of that and get your approval on the color selection before we start our painting process.

If you’d prefer new colors, our team is familiar with what’s trending, not just nationwide, but also specifically in our area. Whether you want to stay on trend or stand out, we will help you find the right shades for your style. Our experienced interior painting contractors can help you choose the right colors for any part of your home.

Get Started Today!

The interior of your home looks better and lasts longer when you paint it regularly, but when it comes to interior home painting, only the professionals should be trusted with the job. Liberty Painting offers a 2-year limited Happiness Guarantee, and we’ll even give you a free gift card if our crew is ever 20 minutes late. It doesn’t have to be challenging to find the right interior painting contractor—here we are! We’re ready to take care of you.