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Tips & Tricks

Liberty Painting offers proven expertise to help your painting projects go smoothly. Our professional skills give us familiarity with colors that will work well in your home. Because of the homegrown nature of our business as a customer-centered painting company, we keep our focus on making your home look beautiful. Browse our home color ideas, interior painting tips, exterior house painting tips, and more.

From tricks for keeping paint looking fresh to choosing the best colors, our blog features the latest advice and support available for painting projects in the Houston area. With our support, you can see your paint color as more than a background, but an opportunity to express personality and make your house a home.

Take a look at some of our most recent painting tips and tricks below.

Understanding the Differences: Oil Paint, Enamel Paint, and Wall Paint

Imagine standing in front of a shelf filled with countless cans of paint, each promising the perfect finish for your project. It can be overwhelming, right? [...]

To Paint, or Not to Paint: Should You Get Your Brick House Painted?

For as long as anyone can remember, the debate over painting bricks has sparked passionate discussions. Some delve into the intricate details, debating the compatibility of [...]

By |July 5, 2024|Categories: Brick Painting, Exterior Painting|Tags: , , |0 Comments
Stunning Green Kitchen Ideas to Transform Your Culinary Space

Green is a color that embodies tranquility, renewal, and a connection to nature. Incorporating green into your kitchen design can transform it into a serene and [...]

By |June 28, 2024|Categories: Interior Painting, Kitchens|0 Comments
Evaluating Exterior House Painting Professionals – What You Need to Know

Where to start? It’s sometimes a grueling task to repaint your home’s exterior, because of the number of things you must check before starting. But, [...]

Unveiling Elegance: Black Paint for Timeless Residential Design

Color isn't just a backdrop; it's the brush that paints the mood of a space. While neutral tones have traditionally dominated the scene, there's a fresh [...]

By |May 17, 2024|Categories: Exterior Painting, Interior Painting, Kitchens|0 Comments

Consider All the Factors

With tips and tricks from the experts, you can have support to consider all the factors that go into your painting project. From a selection of interesting home color ideas to the steps to prep your space for painting and more, our blog has plenty of powerful information that will help your project go as smoothly as your paint’s finish will look.

You might just be browsing our blog for general painting advice, or you may have a specific project on your mind, such as an exterior paint job or an interior refinish. Of course, you can transfer the principles from our interior painting tips to an outdoor project. You can also benefit from our house exterior painting tips even if you aren’t planning on painting the outside of your home anytime soon, since you never know what will spark your inspiration. Our blog is frequently updated, so you can always find the latest inspiration for trending home color ideas and more.

Painting Inside & Out

Whether you’re more interested in exterior painting or interior painting, our experts have you (and your home) covered. We understand how the right interior paint color can set the tone for your space, and an exterior paint color can dramatically affect the appearance of your home as well as your feelings about it. You’ll find plenty of support in our painting interior tips.

Whether you’re considering painting inside or outside, our experts can help you find the right color scheme with a professional color consultation. We provide much more than just home color ideas, but these painting tips from the experts in Houston can help you get started.

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