Summer is almost here! It is a vibrant and dynamic season characterized by warm weather, longer days, and many activities that unite people and invigorate the senses. Summer is the best time to update the paint color of your deck due to favorable weather conditions, extended daylight hours, and increased opportunities for outdoor activities and enjoyment.

Why Paint in Summer?

Maximized Outdoor Enjoyment: Updating your deck’s paint color in summer allows you to make the most of the season. A freshly painted deck looks more inviting and provides a renewed space for family gatherings, barbecues, and relaxation. Enhancing your deck during this time ensures you can fully enjoy your outdoor living space throughout the summer months.

Optimal Weather Conditions: Summer provides the most suitable weather for painting. The warm temperatures and lower humidity levels help paint to dry and cure properly, reducing the risk of peeling or blistering. Additionally, summer’s generally dry conditions minimize the chances of rain disrupting the painting process.

Increased Durability and Protection: Summer is an ideal time to apply new paint or stain, which can protect your deck from the harsh effects of sun exposure, rain, and fluctuating temperatures. A well-maintained deck is less likely to suffer from weather-related damage, ensuring its longevity and reducing the need for future repairs.

Top Deck colors for the Summer of 2024

When choosing a color for your deck, it is best to consider the color you like, as this helps to narrow down the choices. When you have done that, look at your home’s exterior and visualize if the color matches.

1. Golden Oak or Shades of Gold

This warm shade works with most home exterior paint color palettes. It also gives a vibrant feel to your home, especially in the summertime.

Heat Reflection: Lighter shades, like Golden Oak, are better at reflecting sunlight compared to darker colors. This means that a deck painted in this shade will absorb less heat, keeping the surface cooler underfoot. This is particularly beneficial during the hot summer months, making the deck more comfortable to use even on sunny days.

Practical Maintenance: Golden Oak is a forgiving shade when it comes to showing dirt, dust, and wear. Unlike very light or very dark colors, it effectively hides minor imperfections and grime, making it easier to maintain a clean and polished look with less frequent cleaning.

2. Muted Blue

Muted Blue has a calming effect that can transform your deck into a peaceful retreat. This soft, cool color evokes feelings of tranquility and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for a space where you want to unwind and enjoy the summer breeze.

Enhanced Connection with Nature: Blue tones are often associated with natural elements such as the sky and water. Using Muted Blue on your deck can enhance the connection with these elements, creating an outdoor space that feels more integrated with its natural surroundings. This connection can amplify the overall outdoor experience, making the deck a more enjoyable place to spend time.

Visual Appeal: The understated elegance of Muted Blue enhances the aesthetic appeal of your deck. This shade pairs beautifully with natural elements like wood and greenery, creating a harmonious and balanced look. It can also provide a subtle pop of color that adds visual interest without overwhelming the space.

3. Deep, Sophisticated Brown

Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr, says “It’s a rich, satisfying finish for a sophisticated and timeless look in any residential or commercial outdoor space.” And, at a glance, indeed it shouts sophistication!

Heat Management: While darker colors can absorb more heat, choosing a deep brown specifically formulated for outdoor use can include UV-resistant properties that help manage surface temperatures. This ensures the deck remains comfortable to use during the summer while benefiting from the sophisticated look of a dark color.

Durability and Maintenance: Darker shades, like deep brown, are excellent at hiding dirt, stains, and wear, reducing the frequency of cleaning and touch-ups needed to maintain a polished appearance. This makes it a practical choice for high-traffic areas, ensuring your deck looks well-maintained with minimal effort.

4. Light Gray

This is a usual indoor color choice, but when taken outside, this trendy color gives off a contemporary look in a backyard. By choosing light gray for your summer deck, you achieve a trendy and contemporary appearance that is both visually appealing and practical. This color not only enhances the deck’s aesthetic but also offers benefits in terms of heat management, ease of maintenance, and design versatility, making it a smart choice for a stylish and functional outdoor space.

Design Cohesion: Light gray can easily coordinate with a variety of textures and materials, such as metal, wicker, and brightly colored textiles. This allows for cohesive design integration across all elements of your deck, from furniture and planters to cushions and umbrellas, ensuring a unified and polished look.

Things to Consider

Cool and Warm tones must also be considered when choosing the right color for your deck. A quick review: blue undertones are cool and red orange undertones give a warmer vibe. Think of how you want your deck to feel when sunlight hits. 

Pro Tip: If you live in a cloudy area, it’s always best to go for the darker shades (reds, oranges) as they give off a warmer, cozier feel. But if you live anywhere that is sunny, cool grays and blues are the best choices. Liberty Painting offers Quality Work when it comes to home or commercial painting. Seasoned professionals work for us and will ensure optimum results.

  • Gray decking complements white, blue, gray, and red homes. Especially in sunny environments.
  • Shades of brown composite decking boards can be paired with almost any house color.
  • Red complements a variety of house colors and textures including stucco or brick exteriors.

The trick to color matching is to have the right amount of contrast between the deck and the house to make it an ideal place to relax and chill.

Our Final Say

By taking advantage of summer’s favorable weather, extended daylight, and the opportunity for increased outdoor activities, homeowners can effectively update and enhance their deck, making it a more enjoyable and durable space for years to come.

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