Wallpaper Removal

Do you have some dated or damaged wallpaper that you need removed? The wallpaper removal process can quickly become complicated, with long hours that induce frustration and sometimes damage to your walls, if done incorrectly. Luckily, our local experts can make the entire process go smoothly for you. We specialize in interior painting services, including wallpaper removal service, right here in the greater Houston area. Get started by contacting us so we can provide a free consultation, including an itemized price quote customized for your home. Let the pros at Liberty Painting remove your wallpaper safely and expertly.

A professional removes brick-patterned wallpaper from a wall

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Professional Wallpaper Removal in Houston

Here’s what to expect from our wallpaper removal service:

  • Our team will conduct a free consultation with an inspection of your home, including a color consultation if walls will be painted after wallpaper removal.
  • Our upfront cost includes an itemized list, and communication with fast response times continues through the full process.
  • When the big day arrives, our team will send a text when they are on their way.
  • The punctual team arrives and begins by lifting the wallpaper carefully using proper tools to ensure that underlying walls are not damaged.
  • Any surface abrasions or imperfections are repaired next, followed by a skim coat and sanding to smooth the surface.
  • Next, for projects where we paint the walls after removing wallpaper, our team cleans the wall and applies paint primer.
  • We will then apply the new paint color with application and drying of as many coats as necessary.
  • Complete cleanup occurs at the end of each work day.
  • The Happiness Guarantee ensures satisfaction of our painted services for two years.

See some examples of the full process for our professional wallpaper removal in our gallery. You can also see some answers to common questions here.

Why Get Professional Wallpaper Removal?

Wallpaper removal may seem like a DIY project, but it’s easy to make costly mistakes. Save yourself the headache with Liberty Painting’s wallpaper removal service, where the best local team ensures the job gets done right. Often, specific tools and expertise are needed to successfully and efficiently remove wallpaper.

Another important consideration is the resulting mess in your home. Our professional team cleans up their work sites thoroughly each day and fixes any dents or dings that result from the wallpaper removal process or that are revealed beneath the paper. During our free consultation, we can discuss the specifics of your space.

A professional uses a tool to remove blue floral wallpaper from an interior wall

Book the Best Houston Wallpaper Removal Service

At Liberty Painting, rigid attention to detail, frequent communication, and top-of-the-line materials define our team’s level of care. With years of expertise with exterior and interior painting projects in Houston, we provide quality service from start to finish. Your custom quote for wallpaper removal service comes with your free consultation, so book now! Reach out to us today for professional wallpaper removal and more.