Crown Molding Services

Many people have never considered the design opportunity present at the point where their walls meet the ceiling or in the trim surrounding their furnishings. Decorative trim can be a great style element in your home’s interior. For a sophisticated look, a fresh coat of paint on decorative crown molding is the answer. There are many different options for color and style, so let Liberty Painting guide you through the process of selecting the right option to install in your Houston-area home. We can provide expert painting services to make your crown molding the highlight of any room.

Decorative white crown molding between a green wall and white ceiling

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Why Get Crown Molding?

Crown molding is a styled trim that makes the transition between the wall and the ceiling elegant and decorative. It also adds height to this visual appeal for a little touch that makes a big difference. This is a very versatile design choice, with a variety of different size and style options. Crown molding has been a classically popular choice for many decades, so you may have crown molding in areas in your home already. Paint new or existing crown molding for a clean, modern look.

Our interior painting services are extensive. Some examples of our crown molding services can be seen in our gallery.

A beautiful crown molding job in a kitchen

Details on Cost and Options with our Crown Molding

Even in cases where existing crown molding is being replaced, it’s still best to have professional installation for this type of detail work. Here at Liberty Painting, we offer expert crown molding painting services. Our experts can install this special trim and fix any warping, cupping, rotting, or separation that has occurred with your crown molding, and then apply a fresh coat of paint, whether for a touch-up or a new color transformation. Areas for crown molding that may be less obvious than ceilings include fireplace mantels, door casing, baseboards, and curved staircases.

Factors that impact the cost of your crown molding project include the room’s dimensions (i.e. ceiling height), the chosen type of molding, and the room’s furnishings. However, you will never be in the dark about what that cost will be. Our upfront quote is customized to your project and includes an itemized list detailing all materials and labor.

Secure Your Crown Molding Services

To take your space to the next level, let Liberty Painting enhance, repair, and paint your crown molding. With our years of expertise in the greater Houston area, we will be able to provide quality, long-lasting results to transform your home’s interior. We’ll come directly to you to provide a free quote. Book a free consultation to get started.