Light Carpentry and Repairs in Houston Homes

If your home requires more than a fresh coat of paint to look its best, Liberty Painting is still a premier choice. Liberty Painting performs light carpentry in Houston in addition to painting services. Our local contractors can perform a variety of small home repair services.

A professional performs repairs on wooden siding

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Learn About Our Small Home Repair Services

At Liberty Painting, we’ve seen and done it all for exterior and interior paint jobs. Along with painting, many projects have other needs, including light carpentry and small repairs, here in the Houston area. Our small home repairs include, but are not limited to:

  • Ceiling molding
  • Ceiling wainscotting
  • Door trim
  • Window trim
  • Carpentry fine details
  • Crown molding
  • Banister restoration or replacement
  • Spindle repair
  • Door frame repair or repainting
  • Baseboard replacement
  • Cabinet repairs
  • Slanting or leaning shelves
  • Wood rot replacement
  • Eaves repair
  • Siding replacement or repair
  • Deck repair
A professional repairs a cabinet drawer

As you can see, we have offerings for both exterior and interior small home repair jobs. These can be completed in tandem with painting projects for a comprehensive updated look and feel. During your complimentary consultation, our team will help you discover which light carpentry work or related services may make sense for your project. See the possibilities for light carpentry in Houston here in our gallery.

Some of these carpentry problems or opportunities around the house might seem possible to DIY. But even for those who are somewhat familiar with light carpentry work, it’s more convenient and generally safer to go with the experts in small home repairs. Plus, at Liberty Painting, we are a one-stop shop, offering transparent pricing, attention to detail, a punctual team, and a happiness guarantee. You won’t have to hire separate workers for your small home repair services—just one local group that can get your job done with exact itemization and precision.

A professional repairs window trim

Convenient Booking for Painting and Small Home Repairs

Make your home improvement project easy to manage with one call to book. At Liberty Painting, we cater to a wide service area in Houston, and we will make the arrangements to ensure you have a trusted, qualified team working to finish the project at your home in an efficient and successful way. From prep work to cleaning and finishes, our team takes care of everything so your light carpentry project goes smoothly and looks great.

Some light carpentry work requires more prep than others, of course. For example, we may need to remove and then rehang doors. Rest assured that our team will be confident, trained, and certified in each aspect of the project. If you have more questions about our process, visit our FAQ page or reach out to us directly. Get started and book your free consultation today.