Stucco Repair & Painting

Stucco is a great exterior design choice for residential buildings, especially here in the Houston area. If your home features a stucco exterior, you can count on Liberty Painting for stucco repairs and painting. We offer long-lasting, quality exterior painting services. Get in touch with our experts for a free project consultation or read on for more information!

A white brick wall half-finished with stucco

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Stucco Repair in Houston, TX

Whether your stucco finish is bulging, cracking, or streaking, Liberty Painting can address problems like inadequate caulking, staining, and moisture intrusion. Secure quality exterior stucco repair from a local team with your best interests at heart.

Besides the aesthetic appeal, stucco repair and painting are important for structural stability. Improper fitting of lath, an incorrect mixture of stucco, gradual building shifting, and even seasonal weather patterns can all affect stucco and determine the type of cracks, bulges, or streaks that appear. Our expert team has experience throughout the greater Houston area, so we can identify the cause of cracks and apply preventative measures for future damage as well.

A painted stucco home exterior with a round window

More extensive damage, such as moisture intrusion, may lead to extreme mold or disrepair. We can provide a full consultation to determine whether functional elements need to be replaced. We won’t just slap a coat of paint over your stucco; we provide full repair, primer, and painting services. We even offer a color consultation. See some examples in our gallery.

Book Stucco Repair in Houston, TX

If you’re ready for exterior stucco repair, you’ve come to the right place. Our guarantee of happiness and fast response time will help you find satisfaction in the stucco repair and painting process from start to finish. Ask for a custom quote when you book your free consultation!