Where to start?

It’s sometimes a grueling task to repaint your home’s exterior, because of the number of things you must check before starting. But, there are so many advantages to doing this. Once you have decided and found out what great satisfaction getting your exterior freshened up brings, the benefits in the future are worth it. 

What’s Next?

You’re finally ready to get your exterior repainted, but then you’re stuck with who to trust to do the job. You think of a lot of factors – should you get a big or small company? How do you know they can do it right? Are they credible – what do previous customers say about their work? All of these things must be factored in when deciding who you want to paint your house. Choosing the right professionals to paint the exterior of your house is crucial for ensuring quality workmanship and a long-lasting finish. 

The “How to’s”

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you evaluate exterior house painting professionals effectively:

  1. Research and Recommendations
  • Ask for Recommendations: Start by asking friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues for recommendations. Personal experiences are often the most reliable.
  • Online Reviews: Check reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List. Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews to get a balanced view. It’s best to choose companies like Liberty Painting Houston flaunting their 5-Star Google Reviews
  • Social Media and Local Forums: Platforms like Facebook, Nextdoor, and Instagram can also provide insights and recommendations from local community members.
  1. Credentials and Experience
  • Licensing and Insurance: Ensure the painter is licensed and insured. This protects you from liability in case of accidents and ensures the painter meets industry standards.
  • Years in Business: Experience often correlates with reliability and expertise. Look for painters who have been in business for several years.
  1. Portfolio and References
  • Previous Work: Ask to see a portfolio of completed projects. Pay attention to the quality of the work, especially on homes similar to yours.
  • References: Request references from recent clients. Contact these clients to inquire about their experience, the quality of work, and if the project was completed on time and within budget.
  1. Detailed Proposals and Contracts
  • Written Proposals: Obtain detailed written budget plans from multiple painters. The job price details should include a breakdown of costs, including labor, materials, and any additional fees.
  • Scope of Work: Ensure the proposed budget clearly outlines the scope of work, including surface preparation, type of paint, number of coats, and any additional services.

Contracts: A formal contract should detail the project timeline, payment schedule, warranty, and terms and conditions. Ensure everything discussed is included in the contract before signing.

  1. Materials and Techniques
  • Quality of Materials: When the consultant arrives at the house, make sure to ask everything you want to know. Inquire about the type and quality of paint and materials used. High-quality paints and materials may cost more but will last longer and look better. If you wish to also use your own paint, let them know so they can incorporate it into the proposal. 
  • Preparation and Application: Proper surface preparation (cleaning, sanding, priming) is critical for a durable finish. Discuss the techniques and equipment the painter will use. Here’s how our team preps the property for painting. 
  • Environmental Considerations: Ask about environmentally friendly options, such as low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, which are better for the environment and your health.
  1. Warranty and Follow-Up
  • Warranty: A reputable painter should offer a warranty on their work. Understand what the warranty covers and the duration.
  • Follow-Up: Check if the painter provides any follow-up services or inspections after the job is completed to ensure satisfaction.
  1. Communication and Professionalism
  • Responsiveness: Note how promptly the painter responds to inquiries and their willingness to answer questions. If you have no idea about which colors to choose for your painting project, check out how to choose the right paint finish here. 
  • Professionalism: Assess their professionalism during the initial consultation. Are they punctual? Do they provide clear and comprehensive information?
  • Cleanliness and Respect: Ask about the steps they take to protect your property and clean up after the job is done.
  1. Payment Terms
  • Payment Schedule: Understand the payment terms and schedule. Avoid paying a large deposit upfront. A typical arrangement is a deposit, progress payments, and a final payment upon completion.
  • Payment Methods: Clarify acceptable payment methods (credit card, check, cash) and any financing options if needed.

Who do we Recommend?

At Liberty Painting, we make sure that you not only get the best deal, but we ensure that the end result is something that you will want again for your future painting projects.

Liberty Painting is a homegrown company founded and operated by lifelong Houstonians. After 15+ years spent in the real estate industry, we saw the need for customer-centric Houston, Texas painters who could offer top quality, excellent communication, and upfront pricing.

Our mission is simple: to make your home look beautiful and treat you with attention and respect. To deliver on this promise, we follow uncompromising principles. You can start by getting a free quote here!

Our Final Say

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can select a professional exterior house painter who will deliver high-quality results and a stress-free experience. Taking the time to do thorough research and ask the right questions will help ensure that your home’s exterior looks beautiful and is protected for years to come.